Underwater Propulsion Vehicle Rental

Paddle Board Rental

Sol Paddle Board $25.00 for 2 Hours
(Must Wear PFD & Sign Waiver Form)

Need a Dive Buddy? 


Bunkhouse Rental

Nightly Rate $25.00

(Minimum guest requirement) 

Entry Fees

Day Dive and Snorkel  $20.00

​Night Dive $10.00

Non Diver/Visitor $5.00

Divers who wish to dive during the day and then stay for "Night Dive" will incur a total charge of  $30.00

Blue Stone Dive Resort

Gear Rental

  • Dive Package $50.00 
  • Rental includes:
  • Regulator, BCD, Dive Computer, Wetsuit, Tank, & Weight system
  • Tank Rental $7.00 
  • Tank Air Fills  $7.00 Single

                                     $12.00 Double